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Magic is the heart of the world of Lore… some of it is pure and good, and some of it has come to be mastered by forces of chaos.
—Warlic, Mage Class
Race: Hybrid (half-Human, half-Demon)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: ArchMagi; Unity
Appears in: Carnax Saga and The Devourer Saga
Location: Warlic's Magic Shop

Warlic, also known as "the Blue Mage", is the owner of a Magic Shop in the town of Battleon, and the trainer of Mage Class. He is also recognized as one of the greatest wizards in the world of Lore, given the title of Archmage informally.

Warlic loves competition as much as he enjoys unlocking the secrets of the universe, and has a brother, Gnuvain, but doesn't know about it.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Warlic has the appearance of a young man


At some point he was mentored by Xarymandias.

Endebted to Xarymandias, he tried to save in the dark tower of Sila.

He built a magic shop in the town of Battleon where he sells various spells and magic weapons and allows you to change your face. He competes in the Wizard Games with other powerful wizards. He is a guest in many quests in Battleon.


Seasonal Events

  1. April Fool's ( 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012 )
  2. Frostval Saga ( 2004, 2005 )
  3. Mogloween 2006
  4. Snugglefest ( 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 )

The Devourer Saga

  1. Troll-O-Vision
  2. Huntress, the Hunted!
  3. The Ice Orb
  4. Exodus Attacks
  5. Trouble from Beyond
  6. Battle for the Weapons of Salvation
  7. Beleqwaya's Mission
  8. The Final Battle!

Quests Available through Warlic

  1. Mage Class
  2. Wizard Class
  3. Fading Warlic
  4. Galvawk's Plot!
  5. Dr. Jackel and Mr. Snide!
  6. Spellcrafting
  7. Arena of Fear
  8. Mana Ice
  9. Nemesis: Justice Goes Blind
  10. Solaris!
  11. Meet Memet
  12. King Malinius Returns!
  13. The Transporter!
  14. Warlic's Haunted Shop!
  15. Face of Silence!

Dragonspine Mountains Quests

  1. Bradakhan: Dracomancer Usurper
  2. Into the Void!

The Bizarre Flecks Saga

  1. Part II - Meteor Storm
  2. Part III - Star Blecch!
  3. Part IV - On the Night's Plutonian Shore
  4. Part V - Us vs. Regeirk!

Other Quests/Events

  1. 2009 Preview! - Fall and Winter
  2. AQ:IQ Welcome to Lore
  3. Ballyhoo: Wizards of Waverly Place
  4. Become... a Dragon?!?
  5. Carnax Saga
  6. Cysero... Returns?
  7. Hunt the Orcs
  8. Infernal Inferno
  9. Innard Space
  10. Introduction Quest
  11. K'eld Naer: Drakel Madness
  12. Kragoth's Campaign
  13. Missing Miss Fixit
  14. Mogbusters: Where do Xyfrags come from??
  15. Mystery! AQ Live
  16. The Bloodline!
  17. The Trouble with Trobbles
  18. Time Scrolls: Carnax Saga - Carnax Rises
  19. Varrinsqu Keep
  20. Visia War
  21. WarLich!
  22. Wizard Games
  23. The AntiGuardian
  24. The Terrible 12 War
  25. Ghin vs. Awethur!
  26. Mass Mardar!
  27. Rise of Chillax
  28. Wyvern Rider War!
  29. Looking for Leads: Ku Ku!
  30. The Breaking Point!
  31. The Final Countdown!
  32. Star Blecch 2
  33. Shards of MegSual
  34. Building Truphma II
  35. Building Truphma III]
  36. Can Haz Vakayshon?
  37. Rise of the Samurats!
  38. The Future Begins Now: AQ Preview Cutscene
  39. Fortune Trans-PLANT-ed
  40. Barry Jotter!
  41. Children of the Measurer



  • According to Galanoth, he knows how to make very nice quilts.

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