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Race: part Human and part Demon
Gender: None
Affiliation: ArchMagi, Unity
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Warlic's Magic Shop

Warlic is known to be the mightiest wizard in the town of Battleon. He loves competition as much as he enjoys unlocking the secrets of the universe. He has a brother, Gnuvain, but doesn't know about it. The Great Wizard Xarymandias is one of his mentors, whom he tried to save in the dark tower of Sila. He is also known because he is the trainer of Mage. He built a magic shop in the town of Battleon where he sells various spells and magic weapons and allows you to change your face. He competes in the Wizard Games with other powerful wizards. He is a guest in many quests in Battleon.


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The Devourer SagaEdit

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