Vampire Lord
Vampire Lord
Level: 34
XP: 99
Gold: 33
Element: Darkness
Power: 1.25
HP: 530
MP: 420
Combat Defence
Melee: 23
Ranged: 23
Magic: 23
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 0
Intellect: 85
Endurance: 0
Charisma: 80
Luck: 5
Element Modifier
Fire: 115%
Water: 110%
Wind: 100%
Ice: 100%
Earth: 75%
Energy: 100%
Light: 130%
Darkness: 50%
With time, a Vampire becomes able to drain life with but a touch, and can also Dominate a foe's mind. These Vampires become the leaders of their own clan, ruling with charisma and wisdom gained over the ages.


  • Every turn you make a save roll. If you fail, the Vampire Lord will decrease your BtH and defense*. Else you resist this effect**.
  • If any attack connects, it heals some HP.

* - The vampire's dark aura overpowers your will! (-16 to BtH, -10 to Defence)
** - Your strength of will overcomes the vampire's unearthly presence!

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