The Cold is an ability that has appeared periodically throughout the Devourer Saga.

Description Edit

The Cold is a psychic ability that amplifies the chosen emotions, feelings or memories of the subject, and is named for the sensation of chill that accompanies this. As a monster attack, it does Void damage and nerfs your Bonus to Hit. It is a fearsome weapon that is primarily used by the Network to coerce or incapacitate opponents (On several occasions Ryuusei used it on the Truth Seekers as a form of mental torture), though it can be applied positively as well. An example of the former:

Necromancer: Because it is in your nature, dragon.
Necromancer: Yes, this… You desire revenge… It consumes you.
Necromancer: You are nothing without your fury and revenge, Drakath. You have failed utterly. Allow us to give you the means to serve your greatest cause.
Necromancer: The Cold fills you. Can you feel it twisting your soul…?
Drakath: YES… AND I LIKE IT.

Users Edit

Diviara Celegra appears to be generally regarded as the most skilled practitioner of the Cold to date (According to Ryuusei, "he practically invented it"), and his son Amilara seems to have inherited his talent (see below). Other known users include

Resistance Edit

While it is possible to resist the Cold at lower levels of application, this usually requires so much concentration as to leave the victim relatively unable to focus on much else. Only three things are known to allow someone to fight off the Cold used at its full strength:

  • A level of purity such that the person has nothing useful within them to magnify
  • A devotion so complete that it has no failings- Myr's fanatical devotion to the Darkness Lord allowed him to resist the Cold even when used by Divara himself, and we have yet to hear of anyone duplicating such a feat[1]
  • A prowess with the Cold that is equal to or greater than that of the person using it- The added advantage of this is that it enables someone to counteract uses of the Cold on others as well as themselves, as below:

...Ryuusei then attempts to cast the Cold on Amilara
Amilara: Oh no you don't. You cannot manipulate me with the Cold, Cartwright. I am my father's son.
Amilara flings an energy bolt at Ryuusei. Ryuusei reels from the blow and falls to his knees.
Ryuusei: Who would have thought it would have been you?
You: Wait, what? What happened I feel so odd, so worthless.
Amilara: Here--
Amilara uses the Cold on you
You: So cold again but...You're right! The fight must continue. You got Cartwright!


  1. The Cold and Cartwright

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