Sarah the NerfKitten
Level: 130 / 130 (Dream Version)
XP: 731357 / 4522
Gold: 27425 / 1102
Element: Ice
Power: 3 / 0.1
HP: 1251 / 1000
MP: 217 / 120
Combat Defence
Melee: 30
Ranged: 40
Magic: 40
Strength: 200
Dexterity: 200
Intellect: 50
Endurance: 45
Charisma: 100
Luck: 55
Element Modifier
Fire: -50%
Water: -25%
Wind: 100%
Ice: -50%
Earth: 125%
Energy: 100%
Light: 0%
Darkness: 0%
They say the the ArchMage Kalanyr has a pet NerfKitten, the first ever to be discovered. Unfortunately for you, it seems that not only is that true, but that it has escaped! On the bright side shares in foam and cardboard are looking up.


  • Both of her attacks damage both your HP and MP.
  • Her "nerf" attack decreases your Combat Defences by 6 each, decreases your highest stat by 50, and increases your Element Modifiers by 6% each* for a maximum of 12 times.
  • Her "buff" attack increases her Combat Defences by 2.5 each, increases her Attributes by 5 each, increases her HP, and decreases her Element Modifiers by 5% each** for a maximum of 12 times.

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