Paladin Armor


Sir Halenro

Paladins are warriors who fight for the Light, not only specializing in combat, but also in healing. To be a Paladin, you must be:

One of LORE's heroes, Artix, is a paladin. The stat used for training this class is strength, but in the future when this and other classes are updated, it will most likely use intellect as well.

Level OneEdit

Bless Weapon

Call upon the elemental Lord of Light to bless your weapon. Increases its power and greatly increases your chance to hit.

Cost: 30 MP

Gives you +80 BtH (Bonus to Hit) and a small increase in damage.

Level TwoEdit

Resistance Bonus

Increases elemental resistance.

Cost: 0 MP (Passive)

Level ThreeEdit

Holy Rage

Gather all your anger towards the evil creatures of this world and launch into them with a damaging melee attack.

Cost: 40 MP

Does high random damage but is inaccurate.

Level FourEdit

Summon Daimyo

Call forth the feisty dog Daimyo, clad in armor, to assail your enemies with earth and light attacks. He can even heal you.

Cost: 80 MP

Summons Daimyo.

Level FiveEdit

Summon Steed

Summon your loyal armored steed and charge your enemies on horseback for 2 hits with greater base damage.

Cost: 60 MP

Does high damage but is inaccurate.

Level Six (Guardian Only)Edit

Lay on Hands

As a Paladin you have an ultimate healing ability: Once every so often you can fully heal yourself.

Cost: 0 MP (After use you have to wait for it to charge)

Fully heals the player's HP and MP. Must have 90 charges. One charge is attacking or using a skill in paladin armor.

Level Seven (Guardian Only)Edit

Holy Light

Bring down a powerful light to hit your opponents. If they are undead or zombies, the light hurts them more.

Cost: 80 MP

Deals 5x weapon damage and uses intellect in increase its damage. Does a massive 8x weapon damage to undead and zombies.

Level Eight (Guardian Only)Edit

Defense Bonus

Increased Defense.

Cost: 0 MP (Passive)

Level Nine (Guardian Only)Edit

Holy Might

Grow in size and power. Hit your enemy with up to 600% damage converted to light, with special stat modifiers.

Cost: 125 MP

Does 4x weapon damage, unless fighting against undead and zombies, then it is 6x weapon damage. Stat bonus is four times what a normal skill would have. Somewhat inaccurate. Uses intellect and strength to increase damage.

Level Ten (Guardian Only)Edit

Resurrect Yourself

If you are a Lvl. 10 Paladin, you have a chance to fully heal and recover when you reach 0 HP -- resurrection!

Cost: 0 MP (Passive)

When there are 15 charges on this skill, the player has a 15% chance to fully heal their HP and MP when hit with an attack that would kill them.

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