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Welcome to the dark fold of the Necromancers.
—Kaley Obsidia

Necromancer Class is a class quest that allows the player to become a full-fledged Necromancer, and it is available in Obsidia's Lair, home to Kaley Obsidia.

This quest, alongside the Necromancer class itself, is set for a revamp sometime soon, once the Paladin revamp is over.[1]



The forces of Light gather strength with each passing day...
The Light threatens to destroy what it needs in order to exist...
The Masters of Darkness and the Undead. Also known as --


Obsidia: Welcome to my dark corner of the world. I am quite sure you have come here to train in the ways of the Necromancer. I will only train you if you pass a test. First, you must get your Necromancer's Cloak in my shop.

  • Quest!
  • What is a Necromancer?
Obsidia: I am Kaley Obsidia, and I am a Necromancer. What does that mean? A Necromancer is a sorcerer of darkness whose powers are used to raise... and control... the dead.
Obsidia: Long days of studying out dark art, hidden away in tombs and other places that are in tune with our desires, leaves many of us pale-skinned and ill of appearance.
Obsidia: But we are rather quite strong of will, and our minds are focused on harnessing the secrets of a world most people fear. At the crux of life and death is the realm of the undead...
Obsidia: Most fear and misunderstand death, and so it has become the stuff of nightmares. Necromancers and the undead are seen by most as evil.
Obsidia: But the truth is that while our dark art draws many who are indeed evil, some of us are Necromancers simply because -- we want those answers hidden beyond the world of the living.
  • Obsidia's Shop - (Opens Obsidia's Shop. See below.)
  • Back to Town


Level 1Edit

Obsidia: I sense the aura of darkness about you. You have true potential to fair well in the Necromancer's ways. To begin training, you must pass a test...
Obsidia: Someone who has sworn to be an enemy of our ways has taken an orb of darkness in Darkovia, and is going to destroy it. Stop him, and I will teach you how to summon an Undead Giant.

  • Begin Necromancer training!
  • Back

Dark Orb!
You have asked Kaley Obsidia, renowned Necromantress, to train you in the dark arts. But first you must prove yourself to her. Members of the Paladin Order have entered the cursed land of Darkovia in hopes of finding and destroying as many Orbs of Darkness as possible. Dark Orbs give darkness monsters power, and Undead creatures, and Necromancers, therefore rely on Darkness Orbs. Paladins, sworn enemies of the Undead, will stop at nothing to weaken their enemies. Get the Dark Orb back from the Paladin strike force before it is too late!

  • Quest!
Level 0-20: Paladin Soldier, Paladin Axe Master
Level 21-39: Paladin Soldier, Paladin Axe Master
Level 40+: Paladin Soldier, Paladin Axe Master, Paladin Captain
Stat Roll!
Are you intelligent enough to locate where the dark orb is hidden?
Difficulty: 50
Stat Used: Intelligence
«Succeed and you continue. Fail and you must fight one more monster, then make the roll again.»

Obsidia: You have done well! It is time for you to show me what you are really made of though. Collect for me 9 more darkness orbs and I shall teach you much, much more!
Obsidia: Welcome to the dark fold of the Necromancers.

Levels 2-10Edit

Obsidia: For each Darkness Orb you collect, you will learn a new ability. As a level «Your level» Necromancer, I know you can do this!

  • Collect the Dark Orbs!
  • Turn down the Quest...

If you accept the quest:
You have chosen to seek out the Dark Orbs hidden across the giant Bridge of Souls in Darkovia. It is rumored that a crazed high Priest called Sanctus is also looking for them. You are a level «Your level» Necromancer. Finding the next Orb will increase your class level to «Your level +1». You can rest up to three times.

1 Boss Fight

Orb of Darkness
You have retrieved a Dark Orb for Kaley Obsidia! The Necromantress has taught you a new power!

Class Level Up!
You have earned the next level as a Necromancer and learned a new special ability from Kaley Obsidia!


Obsidia: Thank you for finding all those Darkness Orbs for me! With them, I will be able to increase my powers several times! You, however, have one last mission.
Obsidia: The high priest Sanctus wants the Orbs in order to destroy them. He has followed you back here and is surrounding this clearing with a small army of his devout servants!
Obsidia: Now-- I would help you if I could. But, alas, I am actually not really here. I am just a psychic projection. So, sadly, I must leave you here to fend for yourself. I honestly do hope that your skill are enough to save you...

  • Uh-oh...
  • Obsidia's Shop
  • Restore Necromancer Class
  • Back to Town

«You»: I can hear the enemy approaching through the dead underbrush... Time to put my dark skills to the ultimate test!


«You»: Show yourself, Sanctus! I know you have come to steal the powers of darkness from us, but I am here to tell you that you have failed!!

1 BATTLE: Sanctus

«You»: Now that Sanctus is defeated, my fellow Necromancers and I should be able to grow even greater in power!

  • Fight Sanctus again!
  • Kaley Obsidia’s shop!
  • Back to Town


Obsidia's ShopEdit


Bonethrill Staff
Lumpy Skull Club


Necromancer Cloak
Obsidian Cloak


Randomizing Beam
Randomizing Curse
Randomizing Ray
Randomizing Blight


  • This quest was released in March 24th 2006, along with Isle d'Oriens, Library, Boiler Room, Leaving Isle d'Oriens, Adder's Forge, Lady Tomo's Room, Falerin's Room, Airship Quest, The Wall, Catch Lady Tomo's Doves, The Maze, Pae's Quest, The Vault, Water Battle Chamber, AND Attack on the Drakel Domed City Time Scroll.


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