Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: None
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Lucretia's Apothecary

Lucretia is the sultry owner of an apothecary in Granemor.

Like Valencia Surehunter, she derives pleasure from putting the Chosen into awkward situations; however, she is an undisputed potion master who can brew special potions, provided one can collect the proper ingredients.

She has a friend named Thalia who can be found on the second floor in Boog's Tavern.

Appearance and personality

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Little is known Lucretia's past other than the fact that her father tried to cure Uldor's blindness for many years without success, even though Lucretia insisted on their ineffectiveness against its magical nature. Since then, Lucretia and Uldor have remained as friends (Big Trouble in Little Granemor).

Due to her mastery over potions, Lucretia has been the target of an Undead Mage, who kidnaps her so as to obtain a potion from her strengthen the Undead minions of his master and takes her to a crypt in Granemor Cemetary. Thalia, her friend, asks the Chosen to save her. (Rescue Lucretia) Once Lucretia is saved, she can make her "newest batch of potions." If the Chosen requires more mundane assistance, they can simply click the appropriate potion by the scroll on the counter.(...)

When Uldor is bitten by a Sneak, the Chosen brings her poison sacs so that she can make a cure for the old sage. Fortunately, it does not take her long and her potion is able to save Uldor in time. (Big Trouble in Little Granemor, The Vision)......

Skills and abilities

Lucretia may not be one for adventure, but she is a very skilled chemist and potion master. She is able to derive cures from Sneak poison and potions that buff the Chosen in battle. It is implied that she can create potions for most anything.




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