Kringle the Barbarian
Kringle the Barbarian
Race: Elf
Gender: None
Affiliation: Visia the Shaper
Appears in: Frostvale Saga
Location: Miss Fixit - Slay Bells!


Kringle is a barbarian that tries to ruin Frostvale . He was a king , jolly ice elf , that delivered gifts to boys and girls , flying on his sleight pulled by a flying render to his home base at the North Pole . He loved milk and cookies . Due to the dark magic of Visia the Shaper he became a evil version of himself , which is a malicious barbarian bent on destroying the holiday, and hungry for blood and bones. He wanted to conquer the world , starting with the town of Frostvale. His reindeer also became, due to Visia's magic , an evil , extra powerful Paindeer that feels no pain but can inflict quite a lot of it. He commands an army of Helves , which are evil ice elves that he brought along his warpath.

In Frostval 2008, he attacked Frostvale with an army of monsters from the West Pole , and captured the moglins . Then he forced the moglins to make evil gifts for him . With the help of Frosty the Snow Golem and Sandy Claws he attacked Battleon, but his army was defeated, and he shared the same fate.

He returned in Frostvale 2009 , with the power of the slaying bells of Ni'Kolai the Red at his disposal . The hero had to stop him at once , since there was another villain which had his own plans to destroy Frostvale at that time . He also aided Kabak in his plans to destroy Frostval .

He also uses a collection of several weapons , including whips , his stolen gift sacks , ice swords, the slaying bells of Ni'Kolai the Red , and others .

Serenia the Harvest Goddess warned the adventures that Visia the Shaper's creation will arrive by Frostval. She was talking about Kringle the Barbarian , who was created by Visia and arrived by Frostval.


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