Granemor is a city built on the edge of Darkovia. It is ruled by a Queen, and defended by General Herous and his 'emorean knights who are secretly backed by the necromancers. Granemor can be accessed by the world map or by the Void.


Outside the walls...

When you visit the city for the first time each day, you are challenged by a guard who explains the need for the security. In order to enter, you must click on the gates, and then when asked if you're an agent of evil, select "Because I said I wasn't... *grin*" so that the guard will let you pass. Selecting the "So what if I am?!" option will cause the guard to deny you entry.

Inside the city, several options are availible to you. You can speak with one of five NPCs or visit one of five locations in the city (two of which are dungeons.) Two miscelaneous items can be clicked to unlock special benefits.

Inside Granemor

NPCs to speak with:

Places to visit:

  • Boog's Tavern
  • Potion Shop
  • Haunted House
  • General's Tower
  • Granemor Cemetary

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Moon
  • Town fountain (click to get healed, little by little)

Devourer Saga

During the Devourer's invasion of Lore, Granemor was the sight of several battles before it was finally destroyed, only to be rebuilt as "New" Granemor.

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