To get to this quest, go to the map and select "Zorbak's Hideout". In that place there is a quest called "Frostval in July". It first starts out in a cutscene and then you will start the quest. you see two drakel and the nightmare queen and her daughter. Then you talk to King Tralin. You will enter the dream world where you will see a lime green gorilla. Select any of the options, they just change alignment. Either way your character recieves

8000 nightmare coins. Evil makes you battle the Gorilla. After that some strong battles against some enemies. These are always Zhilo, Evil Artix, and Demento. After that you see the drakel and the nightmare queen. Then you go to town and see flinch and you say "Finch, what are you doing out of the attic? Next he tells you to get the maze of dreams. (I may be wrong-TheLostHeroZX) The rest is pretty easy. At the end you will have acess to a shop that sells clockwork armor.

The Clockwork armor that is purchased at the end of the quest. It has good strength against Darkness and Weak to light and Water.

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