Felonious Falcon
Bad Bird
Level: 65
XP: 548
Gold: 184
Element: Wind
Power: 1
HP: 500
MP: 150
Combat Defence
Melee: 37
Ranged: 32
Magic: 27
Strength: 150
Dexterity: 150
Intellect: 0
Endurance: 0
Charisma: 0
Luck: 25
Element Modifier
Fire: 85%
Water: 75%
Wind: 20%
Ice: 75%
Earth: 105%
Energy: 20%
Light: 75%
Darkness: 75%
He may not be big, but he sure is bad! Just look at those spiked bracelets and that expression on his face that says "don't peck with me!"

Attack 1Edit

Bad Bird attack 1

Attack 2Edit

Bad Bird attack 2


Bad Bird defeated

Also seeEdit

Bad Bird, Seedy Sparrow, Miscreant Mocker, Pernicious Pheasant, Harmful Hen, Foul Fowl.

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