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Drakel Warrior

A drakel

The Drakel, a cross between human and dragon, are one of Lore's most advanced race.

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The Drakel lived millennia ago, when humans were just apes. They studied the humans. But something terrible came to Lore ... The'Galin, called the Uncreator by the Drakel, and then attacked Lore. It was something terrible, but somehow the Drakel survived.

Drakels of todayEdit


Drakel Survival Front(DSF)Edit

The DSF found Giind, the first megadragon found (megadragons were the very first dragons). The DSF found Giind into a giant Cocon.

His remaining status is unknown.

Drakel Power League(DPL)Edit


  1. Warlord Fansarin = killed and reanimated.
  2. Minister Bree'Ha = arrested — escaped from the prison; now works for the Network.
  3. Draklin = remaining status unknown.
  4. Captain G'Hup = His remaining status is unknown, thought to be destroyed.

Drakel War CouncilEdit


  1. Kragg (arrested in the pit)
  2. Count Sarkat(remaining status unknown) — His remaining status is unknown, thought to be destroyed .

Deren RepublicEdit

  1. Governor Darin (human)
  2. King Draynor
  3. King Tralin (drakel)
  4. Prince Shirian (drakel)
  5. Queen Kithia
  6. Minister Yeeun'Ha (brother of Bree'Ha)

Other members momentarily unknown.

The WarpforceEdit

  1. Queen Pra'Mithia
  2. Admiral Amanda
  3. Colonel Ba'Tokk
  4. Commander Stormfront
  5. Sergeant Lucky
  6. Lieutenant Krath
  7. Hans Olo

Other drakelsEdit

  1. Vince(mechanic)
  2. Magnae Ama(mechanic)
  3. Slick(hunter)
  4. Lucky O'Leprekhan (leprechaun general)
  5. Xilar (actually a silari, under the command of The'Galin)
  6. Doctor Victor Von Drake {mad scientist}

Storylines implicationEdit

Carnax SagaEdit

They took some Azru stones, and awakened Carnax.

Devourer SagaEdit

They had some implications:

  1. Von Drake = wanted to make an ultimate weapon;
  2. Bree'Ha and Fansarin = wanted to join the Devourer;
  3. Gouvernor Darin = helped in the gathering of the pieces of the creation orb;

Warrior ranksEdit

Drakel Caster => Drakel Mage(no specific element)/Water, Ice, or Fire(Picking one element is forbidden by Drakel law). Drakel Warrior => Drakel Enforcer => Drakel Captain => Drakel Destroyer => Drakel Swordsmistress

Drakel War Party/Militia Group

Drakel Air/Water raider

Drakel Ninja

Drakel Bouncer

Drakel Power Armor/Power Scout/Titan Armor (both a Drakel unit and an armor for your character)

Drakel Freak/Drakel SuperFreak

Drakel Sentinel

Fire Drakel Warrior

The DwakelEdit

Main article: The Dwakel


K'eld NaerEdit

"Home" of the bad events that happened in The Devourer Saga. It is one of the most advanced K'elds. Here is were Von Drake tried to built an ultimate weapon, and when the Drakels wanted to join the Devourer.

K'eld NerEdit

K'eld Ner is an older sister of K'eld Naer from the Continent of Deren. It was the base for gathering the creation orb.

K'eld AlorinEdit

A book from the library of Temple of Hope is from the library in K'eld Alorin, on the continent of Vandar, where Sigarin the Dwarf did his research about The Devourer.

V'eld ValkanEdit


The drakel science is called the magiscience (mystical power and technology). With this science's help, they created many things such as:

  1. Cyber suit ;
  2. Comet and Meteor gun ;
  3. Drakelon Steam Dragon ;
  4. The Death Roller ;
  5. Power armor ;

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