From time to time AQ does special events. Direct from the BattleOn Homepage, here they are:

Classes Edit

Classes are also mentioned in the front page.

Necromancer Edit

Visit Obsidia's Lair to meet a Necromancer who can train you in the darkest of magical arts! Acquire deadly powers like Summon Death Dog, Undead Mutant, Fear and even Become a Lich!

Paladin Edit

Go to the Paladin Order on the Travel map to train with Artix Krieger. Learn incredible abilities such as Holy Might, Lay on Hands, Bless Weapon and even Resurrection!

Dracomancer Edit

Visit the Dragonspine Mountains to train with Cyrus, Lord of the Dracomancers. Learns devastating powers like Dragon's Fury and the awesome Half-Dragon Shapeshift!

Ninja Edit

The Ninja Class is one of the most popular. Ninjas of Lore have special abilities ranging from Dual Katanas, the powerful Sui-Ka, and the ultimate Ninja Deathstrike!

Wizard Edit

Visit Warlic in his mage shop to undertake training as a Mage. Become a level 5 Mage and you can then train with Jackel Sano as a wizard and learn some ultimate magical powers!

Vampire Slayer Edit

Go to Darkovia to train as a Vampire Slayer from the mysterious "E", and gain new abilities such as Turn Undead, Vampire Strike, and more! The perfect class if your need in life is to hunt and slay Vampires and Werewolves.

Rogue Edit

Train as a Rogue with Valencia the Rare Item Hunter in Krovesport. Learn several new ranged attacks, and be prepared to take on the Ranger and Pirate classes!

Quests Edit

The most prominent feature of AQ is the quests.

Alnaphar Edit

Halliphax, the gatekeeper of Alnaphar, has revealed the location of the hidden valley, where a quest for mighty relics awaits! Go south on the Travel map.

Pae's Adventure Edit

Sail East on the Travel Map to the Crater, and find your way to the mystical Isle d'Oriens. A little green gecko awaits you-- find out the amazing story of Pae!

Custom Weapon Building Edit

Now in the Guardian Tower War Room, you can quest to make a unique weapon! Use many unique pieces to make literally thousands of combinations! Build a weapon that fits your needs. Guardian only.

Portal of Power Edit

Only on the Guardian Server! A strange portal appears in town. You must find out where it leads!

WerePyre Edit

Available only to Guardians in Darkovia, you can become a Werepyre by meeting a terrifying creature. As a Werepyre you gain great power, but are shunned by the Vampire and Werewolf realms.

Wars Edit

AQ has many wars

NightBane Edit

Use the Event button under the news scroll to join the battle against NightBane!

Time War Edit

We saved town from the Carnax Spawn-- now it's time to travel 1000 years into the future and save the world! Log in now and use the Event button to join this time-spanning war.

Vampire vs Werewolf Mega-battle! Edit

Log in now and join a side! The Werewolf and Vampire War is bigger than ever. Whichever side wins will receive a powerful reward!

Undead War Edit

One of the most tenacious enemies we face are the Undead, controlled by various Necromancers and Liches. Paladins and Vampire Slayers have good tools to fight these critters.

Dragons Gone Wild Edit

Occasionally, a hoarde of violence-starved dragons will descend upon an unsuspecting town. When that happens, it's time to sharpen your Dragon Blade, put on your Dragonslayer armor, and jump into battle!

Events Edit

Besides the wars, classes, etc, there are also events at certain times during the year

Wizard Games Edit

Once a year the Wizard Games take place. You can compete if you are a wizard. You will face off with other powerful magic-wielding opponents. The winners learn rare and powerful spells!

FrostVal Edit

Frostval comes once a year, and is the time when the Moglins of Frostvale town create magical items to give as gifts to everyone. Bash baddies AND get goodies by saving Frostval from troublemakers.

Mogloween Edit

Mogloween happens every October. Knock on doors, gather candy to trade for cool and creepy masks and special items, and watch out for cute little Moglins who might turn into giant beasts who want to bite off your head.

SnuggleFest Edit

SnuggleFest happens every February, our tribute to a time of friendship. Here you can quest to become a Hero for any of your favorite NPCs and get rare items as rewards!

Talk like a Pirate Day Edit

We celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day every September by putting you on board Captain Rhubarb's pirate ship and having you take a special Quiz Challenge. If you win, a prize awaits. If you lose, well, it's time to walk the plank, matey!!

Other Edit

Not everything fits neatly into a category

The Blade of Akriloth Edit

NEW and only in the Guardian Tower shop, this weapon turns you into Akriloth, the legendary fire dragon! PLUS: Now you can relive the final fight of the original Dragon War using a magic scroll in Falerin's room on Isle d'Oriens!

Special Guests Edit

Become a Guardian to enlist the help of Mercuria or the Orc War Party in battle! Find them in the Void in Granemor.

Bishop Finch Edit

You can now enter the dark Attic of Yulgar's Inn. There you will find a new character with a mysterious agenda... If you can find the items and say where all of them are we will pay you

part one

  • snayl tail:found in the mousehole in the inn
  • fraction of frankencarrot:found in the farm(let the guy learn necromancery)
  • seedsplitter leaf:visit twilly and ask for rumors

part two

  • zzzzzzott tentacle:pirate quest
  • Plasma dragon horn: plasma dragon quest
  • zeel zit: crossroads to somewhere the icy place
  • energy zard fur: zardhunter quest one
  • zardhunter's belt: zardhunter quest one
  • rithilia's shield: Seed splitter quest
  • more later

Z-Tokens Edit

Z-Tokens are special coins you can get and use to buy the most powerful items! You earn some Z-Tokens by fighting monsters, and you can also buy Z-Tokens.

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