Bashing Ogre
Level: 47
XP: 160
Gold: 53
Element: Earth
Power: 1
HP: 476
MP: 110
Combat Defence
Melee: 24
Ranged: 24
Magic: 20
Strength: 110
Dexterity: 110
Intellect: 0
Endurance: 15
Charisma: 0
Luck: 0
Element Modifier
Fire: 75%
Water: 100%
Wind: 130%
Ice: 100%
Earth: 50%
Energy: 75%
Light: 130%
Darkness: 50%
These Ogres are believed to have once been humans that were caught in the mutating forces of No Man's Land.

Also seeEdit

Thumping Ogre, Pounding Ogre, Whalloping Ogre, Smashing Ogre, Clobbering Ogre, Shattering Ogre

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