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The Armor of Awe
  • The "Awe" set is only available to guardians*

The Armor of Awe was originally worn by king Awethur himself, but after he became evil the guardians of the old kingdoms trapped him in a tomb, then broke his weapon, the Blade of Awe and had hidden the pieces.

There he lay until the adventurer enters his tomb and awakens him by defeating the tomb's guardians, allowing him to once more occupy the armor.

Armor Specials Edit

The armor has a two hit attack of the weapon you are wielding, it has a special 3-hit attack which does more damage. If all the items of the Awe set are worn, Armour, Shield, and weapon they you have a chance of inflicting afraid.

There are 3 different armors:

The Mighty Armor of Awe, which heals health after taking damage.

The Deft Armor of Awe, which heals if you block the last attack of your foes turn, this armor is a constant healing source for those who have high dexterity, 100 and above.

And the Insightful Armor of Awe, which heals mana points after every turn.This armor also sacrifices the rare powerful attack of the other armors of awe to provide a rare and power boost to your spells.

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