Arc Dagger
Level: 22 / 62
Power Level: 22 / 62
Location: Rare
Price: 61 / 2,286 gold
Sellback: 30 / 1,143 gold
Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 5-21 / 7-35
BTH: +12 / +15
This darkness dagger is rumored to transform into a sword and do 25 percent higher damage against many types of enemies.

Trigger: "Armor", "Elf", "Golem", "Human", "Hybee", "Insect", "Leprechaun", "Metal", "Metallic", "Moglin", "Plant", "Robot", "Worm", or "Xyfrag"

Damage: 125% Base and Random

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