Affliction Knight
Affliction Knight
Level: 20
Power Level: 20
Location: Promotional Offer: code obtained from a ShadowScythe T-Shirt (given to characters between Level 20 and Level 39.)
Price: N/A
Sellback: 5,000 gold
Lean: Armor Lean Needed
Element: Darkness
Combat Defence
Melee: 30
Ranged: 30
Magic: 30
Element Modifier
Fire: 95%
Water: 105%
Wind: 95%
Ice: 105%
Earth: 100%
Energy: 95%
Light: 90%
Darkness: 90%
The armor of a follower of Sepulchre the Doom Knight, a legendary enemy from the past!
Attack 1
Damage: 60*[1+(YourLevel+5)/100] B/R/S
Attack Type: As weapon
BTH: +[YourLevel/5] plus Stats
Hits: 1
Rate: 50%
Element: As Weapon
Attack 2
Damage: 60*[1+(YourLevel+5)/100]% B/R/S
Attack Type: As Weapon
BTH: +[YourLevel/5] plus Stats each
Hits: 2
Rate: 33.(3)%
Element: As Weapon
Attack 3
Damage: 60*[1+(YourLevel+5)/100]% B/R/S
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: +[YourLevel/5] plus Stats
Hits: 3
Rate: 16.(6)%
Element: As Weapons
Attack 4
Attack Type:
BTH: +

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