Level: 20
Power Level: 20
Location: Vince's Boiler Room Shop; Adder's Forge Shop; New Granemor: Soraya's Pearapplos Shop
Price: 55 gold
Sellback: 27 gold
Element: Neutral
Combat Defence
Melee: +5
Ranged: +5
Magic: +5
Element Modifier
Fire: -3%
Water: -3%
Wind: -3%
Ice: -3%
Earth: -3%
Energy: -3%
Light: -3%
Darkness: -3%
Vince the Drakel made this shield. It has some special ability, but he is not sure just what it is. It might activate against some deadly enemy we haven't met yet. The shield seems to hum with anticipation.


On monsters touched by Visia (Monster Category "Shaper")


You gain +2 to all Combat Defences (for a total of +7 each) and -1% to all Element Modifiers (for a total of -4% each)

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