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Beleqwaya's Mission
The Rise of Omega
The Manifestation
The Final Battle!


Beleqwaya's MissionEdit

Back in Battleon, the player, Warlic, and Falerin witness a strange flashing in the sky accompanied by an eerie howling sound. Warlic felt the effect was caused by magic of such power as he had not felt since something done by Cysero. Falerin suggests that it was cause by something more pertinent to the present than the past, and finds it originated from Dragonclaw Island. The player immediately thinks of Beleqwaya, whom Falerin is acquainted with, and is sent off to find him. They find Beleqwaya and Xyphos waiting for them, and the pair informs the player that the flashing came from a spell they were finishing with Kalanyr. Beleqwaya mentions that while Xyphos was assisting in the spell he will not be “an instructor of the Archmagi,” and the player becomes quite excited at the thought of learning Archmagic, though Beleqwaya eventually manages to send them away with the news that the opportunity will be available “soon,” and the he will lend his aid to the Temple of Hope when the time comes.

The Rise of OmegaEdit

Falerin arrives in Battleon with the grave news that the recent series of Network attacks has been a mere distraction. Diviara joins and asks if they still intend to help Tralin, and Falerin informs him that while they do, he and Galrick have made the slightly more pressing observation of Ryuusei going to Greenguard. There is an exchange about Ryuusei’s less-than-noble reasons for following The’Galin culminating with his being on Lore to wait for the unlocking of the Outland and the ninth avatar. Galrick notes that this means Omega’s coming is now certain, and Diviara realizes that Ryuusei has been working as a Communicant to ensure it all along. The player asks about Omega’s nature, and Diviara and Galrick explain that Omega is a way for The’Galin to focus his efforts: a physical manifestation. Falerin ends the conversation with the knowledge that Ryuusei intends to bring this manifestation about regardless of The’Galin’s wishes, and is taking a large army to the Cor-Dem Stone to do so.

After hacking their way through said army, the player is confronted by a Brilhado whose wings are golden rather than the usual lavender. The Brilhado is Auricarus, one of the last of the aptly named Goldwing family, long renowned as both warriors and scholars. The player asks why, if he and his are so special, he acts as The’Galin’s servant instead of being a leader in his own right. For lack of an answer, Auricarus challenges the player to best him in combat. When they do so, they continue to ply at his loyalties by pointing out that The’Galin’s plans are failing in the face of Lore’s newfound unity. Auricarus, however, believes that The’Galin is necessary rather than evil, and not as much of a threat to Lore as a powerful servant of his who is bent on making sure his plan succeeds whether he likes it or not. He then leaves to resolve his doubts, and the player goes to find Galrick and Falerin, the former of whom is preparing to go with them to deal with Ryuusei. Ryuusei is intent on beginning the manifestation, but Galrick bravely shouts that he will lose. The player wonders if Ryuusei intends to use Galrick as The’Galin’s vessel, however Ryuusei is only interested in seeing him dead and sends a couple of his soldiers to attack him and the player. When they are defeated, Galrick taunts Ryuusei about the feebleness of his trick, but this only convinces Ryuusei to deal the blow himself. As he dies, Galrick attempts to console the horrified player with the fact that he faces his end without regret, only asking that they remember him for the good he did rather than the mistake he made, and that they take his sword to kill his murderer with. As he finally expires, his body vanishes in a flash of light, leaving Ryuusei to cackle over his victory.

The ManifestationEdit

The still-shocked player demands to know what happened, but Ryuusei cares little and instead gives them the option to join him. During the fighting, he and some of his army slip through the gate, and when the forces that remained on the forest side are defeated, Diviara leads the player through after those who escaped. When they get through to Ryuusei, he sends Smith to attack them. The player wins and Ryuusei decides to end the fight by incapacitating the player with the Cold’s full strength. Diviara asks if this being done while he is still very present means Ryuusei has lost his mind, but any reply Ryuusei may have had was lost to the abrupt arrival of a very angry Amilara. Divara attempts to talk his son out of fighting and Ryuusei simply taunts him, but Amilara pays no heed to either, instead ranting about Ryuusei’s many crimes against him and his loved ones, from ordering his mother’s death to hunting and killing many of his friends. The two exchange blows, and Ryuusei attempts to end the fight early with the Cold, only for Amilara to easily deflect it, down him with a large ball of energy and reverse his use of the Cold on the player. Unfortunately, Amilara’s moment of triumph is sharply undercut when Ryuusei chooses the moment of his defeat to become The’Galin’s manifestation. Amilara flees in horror, and his father goes after him. Nightbane then arrives and attempts to follow through on his promise to kill The’Galin. He fails completely and is forced back to human form, but The’Galin merely kills him instead of uncreating him. He then turns to the player and, depending on their Chaos/Unity alignment, announces either his willingness to destroy them for their corruption or his intent to destroy the Temple of Hope. In the latter case, he is interrupted by the arrival of Falerin, who asks the player to buy some more time. The’Galin mentions having kept his promise to Falerin and Galrick, of which Falerin already knows.


A fight of you and the Devourer happens with you ending up losing and finding out you were hope with the others. Then you just fight the Devourer's minions(people whom you know) and fight him again.You should end up winning but it's not that easy.

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