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The storyline of AdventureQuest is a long and ongoing series of smaller storylines, formed together to recognize a main plot (as of 2007.). WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the entire game. Also, this article acts more of a timeline. As such, there may seem to be some disconnected sections. There is an attempt to update this article, to current times.

Due to length, the summaries have been split into separate pages, with this page acting as an index.

The Beginning


The Dark Forest
Drakel vs. Elves
Wun-Eye's Quest
The Dragon War: Part 1 (rare)
The Dragon War: Part 2 (rare)
The Dragon War: Part 3 (rare)
The Return of Drakath (rare)
The Dragon War Finale (Guardian-only)

The Great Fire War


The rescue of Ashenvale alternate link (rare)
Preemptive Strike alternate link (rare)
The Quest for the Flame Guardian Armor alternate link (rare)
Battle for the Eastern Hills alternate link (rare)
Battleon Burns alternate link(rare)
Quest for the Ice Gems alternate link (rare)
Going on the Offensive alternate link (rare)
Final Battle! alternate link(rare)

The Dracomancers


Dracomancer Saga: Part 1 (rare)
Dracomancer Saga: Part 2 Rescue Mission (rare)
An Uneasy Peace

The Epic Quest


Sage Uldor
The Red Fog
Hairy Situation
Dark Sickness
Big Trouble in Little Granemor
The Vision
Into Fangmaw
Rogue City
Sun and Sand
Queen of Hearts alternate link
The Shadow Master alternate link

The Carnax Saga: Present


Drakel Attack alternate link (rare)
Attack on the Drakel Domed City alternate link(Guardian-only)
The Undead at the Monolith alternate link (rare)
The Prophet Arrives alternate link (rare)
The Prophet's Secret alternate link (rare)
The Prophet's Son alternate link (rare)
Carnax Rises alternate link
The Prophet Returns alternate link (Guardian-only)

The Carnax Saga: Future


The Portal alternate link
Spawn of Carnax alternate link (rare)
The Hatch (rare)
The Last Stand alternate link

The Nightbane Chronicles


The Nightbane Chronicles alternate link (rare)
The Nightbane Chronicles: Part II alternate link
The Nightbane Chronicles: Part III alternate link
Nightbane's Fortress

Rise of the Frost Kingdom


Frostval 2006, Part I: Sandy Claws! alternate link (rare)
Frostval 2006, Part II: Save Frostval! alternate link (rare)
Frostval 2006, Part III: Icefall! alternate link (rare)
Frostval 2006, Part IV: Jack Frost alternate link (rare)
Frostval 2006, Part V: The Frost King alternate link (rare)
Frostval 2006, Part VI: Gift Delivery alternate link (rare)

The Devourer Saga, Part 1: The Huntress


Mysterious Crater alternate link
The Huntress Arrives
A Day at the Inn
Huntress vs. Yulgar
Book of Salvation
Jail Time
Huntress, the Hunted!
Trouble From Beyond
Battle for the Salvation Weapons!
Drakel Madness alternate link (rare)
Exodus Attacks

The Devourer Saga, Part 2: The Elemental Orbs


The Temple of Hope
The Ice Orb
The Fire Orb
The Darkness Orb
The Light Orb
The Water Orb
The Energy Orb
The Wind Orb
The Earth Orb

The Devourer Saga, Part 3: The War for the Creation Orb


K'eld Ner
Deren Beach
Cigeli Canyon
Edress Point
Dagin Fields
Deep Lake
Necromancer Fortress
The Stranger in Greenguard
The Sinister Seven alternate link

The Devourer Saga, Part 4: The Network


The Network Strikes
Pirates vs. Ninjas
A new power of the Devourer?
Doc Sawbones war alternate link (rare)
The Legacy of Xilar
The Evil of Omega
Drakel Civil War alternate link
War of the Clans!
In the Aftermath of Chaos
Worlds in Peril
Strange Whispers

Nightmare Before Frostval


Harvest Festival 2007 alternate link
Frostval 2007, Part I alternate link
Frostval 2007, Part II alternate link
Frostval 2007, Part III alternate link
Frostval 2007, Gift Delivery alternate link

The Devourer Saga, Part 5: DragonClaw Island


Claw Tip Landing alternate link
No Good Deed... Part I
No Good Deed... Part II
Dense Red Fog alternate link

The Devourer Saga, Part 6: Alignment


The Beginning of the End
The Fall Forseen
Lair of the Lava Drake alternate link
Strange Friends
Attack on Granemor!
Beneath the Shifting Sands
Like Father, Like Son
The Fall of Augerthorne!
Mount Thrall
A Network Divided

The Devourer Saga - Part 7: Sacrifice


Beleqwaya's Mission
The Rise of Omega
The Manifestation
The Final Battle

No Man's Land, Part 1: Visia and the Mutant King


Maurinelle's Voice alternate link
Scouting Mission alternate link
The Mutant King alternate link
The Mutant King 2 alternate link
Mutant King War alternate link
Visia War alternate link

The Devourer Saga, Part 8: Epilogue


The Restoration
The WarpForce Launches! alternate link
DrakelCube P alternate link
Shear Madness alternate link
Nova Knight

Dracopyre Legacy


War for Darkovia!
A Cure for Cenara!
NightReign and GraceFang are born!
NightReign VS. GraceFang

No Man's Land, Part 2: Absolix


Absolix Rising alternate link
The Bloodline alternate link
Absolix's Army alternate link
Absolix Attacks alternate link
Final Battle alternate link

The Hall of Memories, Part 1: Luminovia


The First Door
Resistance is Feudal!

Bizarre Flecks, Part 1: Seeing Double


Double Take
Meteor Storm alternate link

The Hall of Memories, Part 2: Dhows


The Second Door
The Third Door alternate link
The Fourth Door alternate link
April Fool's 2010 alternate link (rare)
Tangled Web of Fate

Bizarre Flecks, Part 2: Battle for Two Lores


Star Blecch!
On the Night's Plutonian Shore
Us vs. Regeirk!

The Hall of Memories, Part 3: Past and Present Collide


Darkovian Ultimatum alternate link
The Arden Door alternate link
Mysterious Moglin alternate link
A Rose by Any Other Name alternate link
Division by Zero alternate link

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