Beside the AdventureQuest Storyline that contains the major plot of the game , there are other storyes that don't have a major role in the game .

Not-in-game storyesEdit

"Hugh and the florist florars"Edit

The Evil Monks was a group of monks that were members of the School of Trought in Deren . They maked a contamined plants shop , that their superiors closed (other members from the school of trought) . The monks secretly re-opened it , and looked like a simply flower shop , and put demonic essences in harmless plants . They created the Seedspiters and the Deadtrees , that planted in the city to chause chaos

A farmer named Hugh finded them , but the city didn't belived him , so he wanted to cut the plants itself . It was atacked by them and the monks , but his fight with the deadtrees caused chaos , and the authorities come .

Hugh stopped the monks , with proves the moral :Only Hugh can stop florist florars .

"The Fisherman"Edit

The water was calm , with small waves . The fisherman sat centered on the seat with an old bamboo , fishing . It were 4 days since he didn't caught anything , just a old rubber boot . The old man didn't remembered of how many days he was there , the fish were few , the water was cold , ut he didn't cared . He was looking at the sky with a big smile on his face . Thit was the life he dreamed of . He closed his eyes , "hypnotized" by the sea's sound , but he opened his eyes and sprunf from his seat , as some water hits his face . He then looked around fanatically , forgeting where he was . He just looked and see only water . But the calm was broken : a ring of water spread across the sea as someone would jump in it . He see that something was moving , and tryed to catch it . His bait was nothing more than a old piece of cheese , but he still haved a fighting chance . The creature popped again , this time in front of him . His knees buckled and slumped down of the floor . This fight could he harder than he trought .

The creature's eyes popped out first , 2 large almond shapes , pitch black with a gleam white dotted across it . The creature looked innocent , but what appear to be his tail was merely his hair . The creature talked with him , presenting itself as Nautica , protector of the sea , and all things deep , then asks who is him . The old man presented him as a man that is nearly at his end of his life , that enjoys his pleasure of fishing . Nautica asks him why he fish out of the water , and he answer that he cannot live under the sea . The creature looked to see if were another mens that could hear him , but because he not find another men , he sayed that he is one of the 3 creatures that protect the world ( the clan leaders , now are 7 :one of each element ) . Nautica sayed that togheter they unite all creatures , to protect their realm . He invite the man at his kingdom , the gift of Nautus , the power to thrive in the sea . The man didn't wait , and become prepared of the tranformation , but Nautica warned him that the spell cannot be undone , and can't accept his gift if he accepted another gift , but the man still remain in his position , prepared for transformation . The creature wrapped the man's waist , and dragged him into the dephts . The deeper he sank , the darker the water become , and the more he become to change . He becomed a fish man .

The life as a sea creature was more than a man could hope for . He could travel in the sea , free . The man reached the edges of the water . He regains his memoryes , the sun , colors he forgoted ... He finded place he never been before . He finded a stone lion , witch had surrounded the gates , his jaws closed and prevented anyone from entering . The man circled the tower , until it saw a entrance , full of seaweeds , He cleaned the entrace , and entered ...

He was in a pool , and see a horned lion , and asked him the lion who is . The lion presented itself as the second of three beigns that protect the world ( the clan leaders ) , and as Geopetal , lord of the realm , and ask the man who is him . He presents itself as a man at the end of the days , enjoying his pleasure of exploration . Geopetal offered him the gift of geto , the one of exploration . He warn him that his spell cannot he undone , and cannot accept his gift if he accepted another .

The man knowed it was wrong , but accepted the gift . Geopetal transformed him , and the man could travel faster he ever do . He could travel on right , left or back , but was still not satisfied , and wanted to go up . He then see some strange feathered creature that were flying , and become jealous of them . He wanted to trap one and learn their secrets . He climbed on the hightest point , the tower , and see a large bird , and he wasted no time .

He asked the bird how he cold follow the bird's ways , the large bird presenting itself as the third of the three beigns that protect the world , and as Aerodu , lord of the skyes . He invited the man to his realm , and he gladly accepts . Aerodu says he could give him the gift of the flight , that cannot be undone , and ... (... he cannot accept his gift if he accepted another) , but Aerodu couldn't end his lines , because the man brutally intrerupts it , saying he knows , and ordered Aerodu to give him wings . The man was transformed by Aerodu , and catched wings , but because he haved all the 3 gifts , he becomed a ghastly creature with a expanding taste for blood . The man flyed , searching for more power , and consuming innocent creatures .

The clan leaders go back to their thrones , and didn't knowed what they done ...

"The'Galin on the world of Lore"Edit

The'Galin was a beautiful and gentle man , that lived on the Continent of Ilihar , in Tjeli , tormented by his innability and weakness to save others . When his villiage was nearly destroyed ,he maked a orphanage to help homeless childrens . Lorithia loved him , but The'Galin was disconforted by creation . He founded an Silari , called Xilar and trained him as an tool of war .

Xilar maked war between drakel and moglins , he turned the Githari against the land , he turned the elements against each-other .Xilar spreaded the lie that the elemental lord were at war to chause chaos . Xilar tryed to make the poeples belive that "creation" is evil ,and maked many Brilhado to join him . Xilar send undeads to atack the Temple of Light .He sended the wind dragons to hunt the githari to alone rule the skyes . The Amilani joined The'Galin too . The'Galin haved an great army of undeads , and were outnumbering the Creation so the Drakel hided in their K'elds and never open their gates until the Brilhado falled ...

Xilar separated unity , and maked the races to fight . His actions are called now The Legacy of Xilar .

The Epic QuestEdit

Part 1: "Sage Uldor"Edit

Walic directs the player Sage Uldor : a wise old blind man . But when he gets there , Uldor is atacked by a undead ribber . The player defeats the ribbers , and saves Uldor . The player was wondering why would the ribbers atack Uldor ?

Part 2:"Red Fog"Edit

Sage Uldor directs the player to Darkovia : home of vampires and werewolfs . The player is confronted by the Queen of the vampires , Safiria . If the player is a werewolf , a big group of vampires atack him , and must defeat them in order to procced to the next part , but if not , the player can simply ask her about the Red fog . When he pronounces "red fog" , Safiria dissapear , and a red fog comes , and badly hurts the player . Safiria re-appear and teach the player that the red fog is casted when is pronounced , and then she let the player pass .

Part 3:"A Hairy Situation"Edit

The player was ready to leave Darkovia , but is confronted by the King of the werewolfs , Wereking . If the player is a vampire , a big group of werewolfs atack him , and must defeat them in order to procced to the next part , but if not , the player can attempt to cast the Red Fog , and make the Wereking vanquish .

Part 4:"Dark Sickness"Edit

As the player return to Battleon , he finds Sage Uldor in a bed , and Robina standing before him . She informs the player that Uldor was in Aughortome , and was bitten and poisoned by a sneak . Uldor tryes to tell the player about his vision , that he see the player in Aughortome , but Robina say him to rest . He would die if isn't maked a cure . The player takes some poison sacs , and then goes to the potion maker ...

Part 5:"A big Trouble in the Little Granemor"Edit

The player goes to the cursed town of Granemor , to the potion maker : Lucriteria . He gives her the poison sacks , and then she asks the player to go outside . Vampireslayer E comes and asks the player to aid him in a fight against the vampires . The player defeats some vampires with E by it's side , and then E leaves , but the player is atacked by a too strong for him zombie , but a huge ribber saves him . Dewlok summoned the ribber to saved the player , and don't left him without gold . Then the player goes to Lucriteria and takes the cure .

Part 6:"The Vision"Edit

As Uldor is cured , the player attempt to make him a visit . Uldor sayed that Warlic gived him a crystal ball to show his vision . The player then wakes-up in Aurghotome , and sees a Death Roller , a secret wepon of the drakel , thiefed by general Bour , general of the orcs . The player defeat his dummies (orcs) , but then waked-up to Uldor . Uldor informed him that he fighted some material vision , to prepare him for the real fight .

Part 7:"Dragonstone"Edit

The player goes to Dragonstone , where is meeted by Galanoth , and togheder they raid the orc camp . The Death Roller enters the scene , and kills General Bour . The player destroy the Roller , and then he returns home .

Part 8:"Into Fangmaw"Edit

The player expected to meet Sage Uldor , but finds Halenro , that informs him Sage Uldor expects the player at Mount Eigerbuld , and Aquella went with him . Uldor asked Halenro to direct the player to Artix , into Fangmaw , the place where the paladin Dagen Purmarrow finded a entire villiage of vampire children .

The player meets Artix , that sayed the ribbers are a different type of undead : they aren't controlled by a necromancer . The ribbers helped him in Granemor , and the undeads under the control of a necromancer don't go to someone other's territory . Artix tracked the ribbers into a abandoned cottage , and the player defeats them , but is confronted by a giant one . The ribber sayed that they atacked Uldor because they belived he is the shadowmaster , but they were wrong . They were against the shadowmaster because he was purely evil . If the player and him shall meet again , that means that they didn't killed the shadowmaster .

Part 9:"Troll-o-vision"Edit

The player goes to Warlic that sees in the mirror that Sage Uldor and Aquella were atacked by the trolls . The player goes there , and fights some trolls and a crystal guard , a troll pet . A troll comes and sayed they that Uldor and Aquella were captured by a "armored man ". Then the troll calls his crystal guard and leaves .

Part 10:"Rougue City"Edit

The player goes to Krovesport and asks the locals where if they see a water elf , a old sage and a armored man . After many asked locals , a knight answer , and directed him to the armored man . The armored man was a tank knight , that atacked the player . The knight revealed himself to be a girl , named Dundela . Dundela sended the trolls to PROTECT them . Dundela was Uldor's daughter , and she sended the trolls to protect them because she sensed a mysterious present at Mount Eigerbuld , because Uldor and Aquella where trying to find the shadowmaster . If only Warlic and the player knowed about their location , Dundela suspected that one of them is the shadowmaster , but Uldor wasn't sure . If Dundela feeled his presence , the shadowmaster could watch their every move , or he wanted to feel his presence . Aquella then goed to the Paladins to request their help , and Uldor directs the player to take the orb from a creature named Jagos in the Skaeling Desert , and then to go to Eigerbuld , and keep the darkness at distance .

Part 11:"Sun And Sand"Edit

While searching for Jagos and fighting monsters in the process , the player finds a man that haved water from the cyclops . The player meets them to take his own water , but find that they were carying the mini light orb . The player accept a challenge to recieve it , and he wins .

Part 12:"Fenris"Edit

While the player was going to Mount Eigerbuld , the player finds Sir Tathlin and Mercuria . They were wanting to defeat the Fenris , a great creature that escaped . The player helped them and defeated the Fenris .

Part 13:"Eigerbuld"Edit

The player arrives at Mount Eigerbuld , and finds there a shadowdragon named Nith . The dragon asked the player his name , if is scared of him ( the player answering that he is not , but he don't fight without reasons ) , and why he carry the orb of light (the player saying that is a long story , but he keeps it to keep toward a powerful force od darkness , but Nith was sure is not working ) . Nith presents itself as a powerfull darkness creature and the messeger of the shadowmaster , and he would never eat the player , even is hungry . Sage Uldor arrives , and try to force Nith to tell where or who is the shadowmaster . Nith answer that his master knowed Uldor would sense his movements , and he asks to bring him the eye of Naab , Naab the watcher , keeped in Safiria's dungeon . The player asked Uldor why is not working , Uldor saying that the Shadowmaster is not a agent of the darkness realm : he uses it only to hide , and Nith was a creature born in the void , without elements . Nith tryes to live , but Artix comes , and with the aid of the player , they defeat Nith .

Part 14:"Queen of Hearths"Edit

The player goed to Darkovia , and meeted Elizabeth , leader of the ninja clan , that puts the player to save her ninja from the undead ninja's wrath . The player recover the ninja army , and assaulted the vampire castle , and killing other vampires , they finded a Gigorex , Naab's personal guard . The player defeats it , and find Naab , that was a very old cyclop . He wasn't captured by Safiria , he was seeking protection from the Safiria , to protect his Eye of Naab . The Eye of Naab was a shield , that Naab selled for a few gold , because Safiria was making him to pay money in order to stay .

Part 15:"The Shadowmaster"Edit

The player goes to Uldor , that uses the Eye of Naab . He maked a spell , that could take weeks to reveal the shadowmaster . The player wanted to leave , but sudently , a earthquake begins . The player fights several monsters , then enters the cave . He finds some ribbers , that was beliving the player was the shadowmaster . The player defeats them , and asked the player if he is the shadowmaster , but Uldor says the Eye would detect . Then the shadowmaster comes :Elpheel ! The creature that was see in Nightbane's castle . Elpheel sayed that he was once evil :"1000 years ago , a master of distruction , the Devourer , arrived , and the drakels hided in Domed Cityes . He fighted The Devourer , and maked him from a human wizard a ugly monster he is now . Elpheel was responsible for killing the ribbers , but now was good ." Elpheel gived the player a gift , that shall glow when the time to stop a agent of the Devourer shall come .

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