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AdventureQuest Wiki is a community dedicated to the Web-based Flash Role-Playing Game AdventureQuest RPG, created and updated by Artix Entertainment, LLC. AQWiki aims to provide a comprehensive and accurate store of information about AdventureQuest that is mostly editable, with the exception of this main page to prevent vandalism. AdventureQuest requires nothing more than an Internet connection, a Web browser, and version 8.0 or above of the free plug-in Macromedia Flash to play.

It is free-of-charge to play. However, players can pay a one-time fee of $19.95 to upgrade their characters from an Adventurer (free member) to a Guardian for special in-game perks, or $24.95 to upgrade to an X-Guardian for even more perks. The price to upgrade to an X-Guardian for an existing Guardian is $10.00

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Coming This Week: War of the Giants! This week, take on the first part of a truly massive challenge! Gigantic creatures have been destroying Lore, and everyone in the multiverse will have to band together to stop this threat! Also, a special spell that will conjure a special weapon, armour, and guest is in the Limited-Time Shop! Finally, don’t miss the Purple Rain Spell in Warlic’s Magic Shop! May Z-Token Packages Champion of Akriloth Set! Arctic Tornado and Creation Burst Spells! Get the Champion of Akriloth set! This has been added as a bonus option when buying the 50k Z-Token package! Wear the full set to drag your foe into the very lair of Akriloth! We have released 2 new bonuses you can choose when buying the 12k Z-Token package! The Arctic Tornado and Creation Burst spells! These will seek between two elements to deal the most damage to your opponent! Arctic Tornado seeks between Ice and Wind, while Creation Burst seeks between Earth and Light! Also the Horn of Tera'Suul returns to the 20k Z-Token package! HYPEEEEEEEEEEEE. Wonder what effect dragging the enemy into Akriloth's lair will have. We already have burn on Tera'Suul, so maybe a Fire elemental vulnerability would be nice since this is probably going to be a Fire / Earth combo, going off of the elements of Akriloth's Hatred.

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—Twilly,Twilly is a small red orange moglin (whose favorite town is Battleon and is almost always found there) that heals travellers, and offers information for newcomers. Aside from the many quests that are available through him, he seems to appear in... almost every quest and war when the players needs him!

Not only he gives the player access to the Stat Trainers, the Zardhunter and Valencia, but he also has the player's moral compass. On some days, Twilly is either replaced or given an umbrella, to fit in with the occasional rain. (More...)

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